Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

How to preserve your self esteem and stop comparing yourself to others.

“Preserve your confidence.”

When you use others as your measuring stick, you usually come up short. You convince yourself you’re not as clever, beautiful, thin or talented.

Lasting satisfaction and confidence comes from appreciating yourself with all that you have to offer. Equating yourself with others eats away at your confidence and leaves you feeling inferior.

Remind yourself of these simple truths. You are a unique and special person, exactly as you are. You’re one-of-a-kind and you’re irreplaceable.

With convictions such as these, you confidence is impermeable, just as it should be.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am confident in my own worth as a woman.


  1. Debbie says

    I needed this today! Been feeling down lately, life as a single mother as times can be a lonely journey and these daily messages keep me focus, remind me to stop comparing myself with others and be proud of my own achievements
    Thank you Jane for getting me moving again.

  2. Jane says

    Thank you Jane for this today. I have had a rough time over the last couple of years personally and my confidence and self esteem is at a real low. I really need to take this meditation to heart and acknowledge what I am, rather than knocking myself for not being good enough compared to others. It is really hard – any tips of how to keep this front of mind? Great to get your daily meditations and they always make me think but my inner voice is so quick to drown me out with comparisons and negativity.

    • Miggy says

      Hi, some of the ways that I found helpful in my journey towards loving myself were: looking at past hurts, forgivning and starting to heal; journaling and coming up with a list of positive qualities/successes and then build on them weekly or as needed; I’ve put together what I call my “Uplifting Portfolio” and in it I keep copies of thank you letters/cards received from others or certificates/letters of accomplishments, positive messages, poems, quotes, Bible verses, prayers and pictures that serve as reminders of the amazing person I am and the things I am accomplishing (when I find myself weary and starting those old unhealthy habits, I pull it out and start going through it; and lastly I’ve become purposeful in looking at myself in the mirror, talking to myself and telling myself how amazing I am. It’s been a long journey but I’m at the point where I am my biggest admirer and cheerleader and feel so awesome.


    Dear Jane,
    You have made a difference in many people lives. I have been accessing your website since 2001 and your inspirational messages have made me the person I am today.
    Thank you for your kindness to share such important knowledge with others.

  4. Mercy says

    I have a very dear friend that, that always reinforce a belief that I have, she thanks God for making her who she is, we both like who we are and understand our uniqueness . We both know
    We need to grow but we do not compare each other to anyone. Now I have another friend, Jane who reinforce my belief. You are great facilitator of courage and strength . I also thank the community for their courage and honesty

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